questions about the website

  • + - Where do I add my discount code?

  • + - Can I return an article?

    Items can be exchanged or returned within 14 days after your purchase, unless they were bought in discount or no longer followed in our collection.

  • + - I can’t seem to find a reference on the webshop?

    This can happen. When an article isn’t available we put it offline. Take into account that the website only updates once every 24 hours so it could be possible that an article that is still online is no longer available.

  • + - I’ve placed an order and I can’t pay online

    That's correct. We don’t have an electronic online payment system. As soon as you’ve finalized your order, you will receive an automatic confirmation mail. You will then receive a second mail with your pro forma invoice and all the payment details. You want us to make the payment for you? Provide us your credit card details and we will take care of it.

  • + - One of the items in my order was not available, will it be sent automatically later?

    No, when an item is not in stock, it will not stay in backorder. If you want to be notified upon return you need to tell us specifically.

  • + - How much time does it take to receive my order?

    Once you’ve placed your order it usually takes about 1 working day to process it. As soon as we receive your payment (please don’t forget to send us a printscreen) we will ship your order. Take into account that UPS is doing a daily pickup at 3pm, so your payment has to be done by 2.30pm.

  • + - How much are the shipping costs?

    For direct neighbouring countries of Belgium shipping costs are only for orders below 150€ (VAT excl). For Belgium it’s 10.50€, France 15.75€, Netherlands 14.50€ etc... The amount is calulated according to the country of delivery and will be added automatically to your order at the end. If you would like to know the shipping costs in advance, please send us a mail through the contact file.

    Austria16.50€/ Ireland 18€/ Engeland 19€/ Italy 23.50€ =  free shipping from 200€ VAT exclusive

    Spain 27€/ Portugal 25€/ Denmark 25€ = free shipping from 250€ VAT exclusive

    Sweden 38€/ Finland 30€ = free shipping from 300€ VAT exclusive

  • + - I registered but I still can’t log in?

    That’s correct, after your registration your VAT number is checked manually. Since we can only do this during working hours it can take up some time.

    As soon as your VAT number has been validated, you will receive a second email confirming your password and login.

Other questions

  • + - What material are the articles made of?

    All our items are made of brass, steel or zinc, with a flash colour coating. When we speak of silver or gold we refer to the colour, not the material. All our elements are lead-, nickel- and cadmium free. You can always ask for a certificate.


  • + - Can we only order online?

    No, during the week you can always visit our showroom. You will find all the items that we have online and much more. You can find our opening hours on our website. Every year we participate to the fairs in Paris (Bijorhca) and Milan (Homi) and are therefore always closed for 2 weeks in september and januari.