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Acrylic spacer chain link 24x18x5mm cognac


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If you like a trendy look then these acrylic links are what you are looking for! Acrylic is made from a synthetic substance. Though they are made of a plastic-like material, they resemble glass, providing a luxurious look for less. Acrylic is lightweight compared to glass. This material will therefore not break easily and is very easy and pleasant to work with. In the first place, you can easily connect this link with each other to make a necklace, bracelet or spectacle chain, but can also be used as a connecting piece in combination with other parts and materials. This connecting piece measures 24x18x5mm. 5 links together is about 7cm long. This item is available in 20 different opaque and translucent colors!

Click here for inspiration with this acrylic link.